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The world's #1 Website LiveChat Tool for Microsoft Teams

Use Microsoft Teams to chat with visitors on your public websites (and keep track  of all chats in Dynamics CRM) 

Website Live Chat & Offline Messaging for Your Business Within Microsoft Teams

Teams is Microsoft’s strategical product #1 for Teams collaboration and communication. Harness its full power for your business by enabling your Service, Sales and Support Teams to chat with website visitors from within Teams. 

1 Wait until website visitors ask questions, or start the conversation automatically

2 Your Service Team can engage with the visitor in a group chat or you can assign the chat to a single person by making it “private”

3 Turn happy visitors into satisfied customers

Advantages of Using Microsoft Teams for Website Chat

  • Chat with collegues and website visitors in one and the same tool
  • Use Microsofts mobile app (Teams is available for Desktops, Android, iOS)


  • Take advantage of fully integrated Office365 tools while chatting with website visitors (apps like your Sharepoint Knowledgebase, Planner, OneNote, Wiki etc. are available inside your chat tool)
  • Safe Transcript of Chat to Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Create new Lead from Chat in Dynamics CRM

Fully Integrated Into Microsoft Teams

WunderChat is not just a chat tool with an “integration” into Teams. It is a powerful app built on top of Teams. Even the admin interface is located within Teams. Authentication and authorization are managed by Teams (only Team owners have acces to WunderChat admin  settings) 

Dynamics 365 (CRM) Integration

WunderChat can be connected to Dynamics 365.  

  • You can send the full history of a chat to Dynamics and store it inside the customer’s account 
  • If the visitor is not a customer yet: You can create a new Lead based on the chat, and keep the chat linked to the Lead 

Auto Engagement

You can configure how long it will take before WunderChat will automatically send a welcome message to your visitors.

Canned Responses

Canned responses are predetermined responses to common questions.  

In fields such as technical support, canned responses to frequently asked questions may be quick and convenient for both the customer and the technical adviser.

In WunderChat, the operator may insert a canned response from a drop-down menu, rather than typing the same answer repeatedly or pasting from some other resource. 

Offline Messaging

WunderChat will detect if no agents are available and present the visitor a form to leave an offline message. There is no pressure on your team to be available 24/7.

Multiliple Languages Supported

WunderChat can be used in any language. In the Admin Tool you can manage as many languages as needed .

Simple Setup

WunderChat can be inserted into any website – regardless of the technology used (PHP, .NET, Ruby, Python, Javascript…) by pasting a simple script into the page.

The colors of the WunderChat widget on your website can be easily customized by our admin tool.

Fair Pricing - Only Pay What You Need and How Long You Need It

Start completely risk-free with a 30 day free trial. After the free trial, you can continue to use WunderChat by signing up for a paid account. You can add or remove seats anytime, and you can stop using the sevice any time you like. There is no longtime commitment required (no “annual” payment required) 

Want the app ? Want to become a partner ?

Our app is in Public Beta right now. In addition to our standard SaaS model we can also deploy it within your own Azure environment. If you would like to

  • get the free Beta Version
  • be notified once it is publicly available 
  • deploy WunderChat within your own Tenant
  • want to become a partner
  • have any other enquiries

please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us – we would love to hear from you!